Message To Parents

We've gotten several emails from parents, asking about recent attacks by the 
group Highminded Authentic Religions Against Satanic Music (HARASM), which  
condemn several musicians, including Studio J by name.  In response, we would 
like to assure the world that here at Studio J, we stand for the pinnacle of 
quality and integrity.  We believe there is no truth to, and certainly no proof 
of, the allegation that listening to justly tuned music can lead to a permanent 
reduction in motivation to succeed in a world dominated by music written for 
the 12-tone equal temperament scale. 

The studies, cited by HARASM, which claim to demonstrate such a correlation are 
flawed, in our opinion.  In any event, the effect, if any, should be considered 
temporary, and should not interfere with most activities. 

However, as a precaution, we are asking that if you are a child under the age of
18, you must obtain a parent's permission before listening to any justly tuned
version of the files contained on this site. 

Persons of all ages should not attempt to operate motor vehicles or other 
heavy equipment, including hair-dryers, while listening to justly tuned music 
(again, this is just a precaution). 

Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of all responsibility for
anything that happens.

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Last updated 01 Apr 2022