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Public schools have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are completely incompetent at educating our children. Yet, a politically powerful group of public school teachers has successfully used fear-mongering tactics to block the implementation of much-needed reforms. What's so ironic is that no teacher need fear change - only those who are complete failures have cause to worry about finding a job in a freer system, and many public school teachers are extremely good at their jobs! Public schools are top-heavy with administrators and pointless certification requirements. A much better job could be done (and is being done today in private schools around the country) at half the price.

Tens of thousands of people die each year waiting for organ donations. But these deaths are completely unnecessary, a consequence of the criminalization of accepting remuneration for organs. The government should "butt out" and allow the market, through the voluntary decisions of individuals, to provide the orgrans that are needed.

I have never engaged the services of someone offering sex for money. But the criminalization of prostitution has had no demonstrable effect upon the profession, other than to make prostitutes easy victims of violence, unable to seek help from official agencies that the rest of us take for granted. That, and the fact that the spread of disease cannot be brought out in the open and dealt with (there actually are people on this earth who think that the spread of disease is a good thing amongst disfavored groups).

Rent control is supposed to help the "little guy". What it actually does is create an artificial housing shortage, which harms everyone.

Ditto minimum wage laws. It is true that an annual salary based upon current minimum wage requirements is pitifully small, but if we could increase the value of people's work by legislative fiat, why not set the minimum wage at $20.00 per hour? Or $100.00 per hour? The fact is that whenever the minimum wage is significantly higher than what someone would otherwise earn, its primary effect is to lock unskilled people out of work forever. We all want as many people as possible to command high wages - everyone benefits - but the only way to get there is for each person to start as low as necessary to gain on-the-job skills, then work his/her way up.

My father is wheelchair-bound, and I can well appreciate his frustration when it is difficult or impossible to get into a particular establishment. But the Americans with Disabilities Act is an abomination: it requires every business, without regard to feasibility or cost, to accommodate everyone who is willing to lodge a complaint. The disabled, in the end, earn an ever-growing and unjustified hatred as a result of such meddling on the part of the government.

The draft ("Selective Service") very properly has been called "Selective Slavery". If I force someone to die on my behalf, I am a murderer. Any war so unpopular that it can't be fought with volunteers should not be fought at all. If the country truly is in danger, there will be no shortage of men and women who will come forward to defend it.

Abraham Lincoln is revered as a near-saint by every mainstream history text. But the truth is that he was a racist who didn't give a damn about ending slavery unless it would aid (as it in fact did) his determination to prevent the secession of southern states from the union. For a nation which, less than 100 years earlier, had been formed from just such a secession, this is rank hypocrisy.

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